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Covid-19 Our Response

Ashton grange is proud to say that all our residents are fully vaccinated including booster jab. Our staff have been fully vaccinated and complies with the current regulation.

We value the importance of family visits and understand fully the importance of it to support the mental wellbeing of our residents and families, but also our first priority must remain the safety of residents, colleagues and visitors in our homes. We have different types of visits including patio visit, reception visit- during the first wave of Covid, we had a designated barrier area connected with intercom for visitor to see their loved ones through the screen and speak to them over the intercom. We also have room visit, which is always available for End-of-Life residents. We also have designated family lounge for the residents to have their little celebrations or mealtime with the family.

Our beautiful landscaping serves a very good place for outdoor visits too.

We also have virtual visits in place, on skype, zoom or whatsapp video calls making it easier for our residents to see their loved ones.

We have robust testing for staff and visitors, and we follow the guidance and regulations strictly with the whole intention of keeping our resident's safety as our first priority.