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Nicola Ambler

Senior Manager

Nicola has been the manager of Ashton Grange Nursing Home in Horsham for more than twelve years and has been with the company for more than 18 years. She is a qualified registered mental nurse and has over 20 year's experience. Her speciality is nursing residents who have been diagnosed with dementia, and she regularly updates herself on courses to keep her knowledge up to date. Nicky is an expert in Horsham for dementia care.

She runs a team of deputy managers, team leaders, senior carers and carers to a high standard ensuring they keep themselves up to date with training and regularly supervises all the staff. She ensures the care home is run by the CQC regulations, and has achieved full compliances in her CQC inspections. She monitors all the residents in her care and regularly completes rounds to ensure the residents are cared for to a high standard.

Nicky is very much a hands on manager and assists with personal care, assisting with feeding etc she feels that the best way to get to know the residents and whilst ensuring she can closely supervise her staff team. In addition to working during the week Nicky works sometimes at night and even the weekend to ensure she can monitor the staff are providing the highest level of care 24 hours per day.

Nursing Staff

The home has nursing care 24 hours per day. There is a nurse on shift at all times of the day, the night and weekends. All our nurses are trained to a high standard to complete nursing duties for catheterisation, venepuncture, wound care, verification of death.

Senior carers

Senior carers work on the floor each day, monitoring the floor and the junior staff, so they know that the care is being given to a high standard and home is running smoothly. This is for day and night work. At Ashton grange we have a different type of trained staff from NVQ level 2 to level and 5 and also the nurses. We have some very experienced care staff and they are very approachable and really show person centered care.


All carers work with senior carers they are there to care for the residents and ensure they are looked after to a high standard


We have two activity ladies and these do a variety of activities either group activities or one to one, We have Val Bolton who likes to work with the residents in the lounge playing bingo, skittles, sound bingo, ball games, arm chair exercises, sing along.

Then we have Aiko Butlin, who works with the residents in the rooms on a one-to-one basis, either reading books to them, playing cards, scrabble. During special occasions they do art work with the residents completing Easter eggs, Christmas cards, making daffodils and many more and we display these in the home. As all our residents have dementia they do a lot of reminiscence to help the residents with their recall of memories. They also like to do pamper session in the home, form top to toe. The residents do like this and it relaxes them.


Sanda Ile is the main cook at Ashton Grange, she prepares fresh food every day, and caters for a variety of diets, and she keeps herself updated of the variety of diets that residents come into the home with. She changes the menus on a regular basis and ensure the residents are asked what they like to eat. She is responsible for keeping the kitchen to a high standard and deals with environmental health when they come to inspect. The home regularly consults the residents and their families on choice of menus and food items.